The Future’s Mining Method – Block Mining

Mining Machines In Underground Mining.

Block mining is an undermining involvement of the mining system in the ore body which is then allowed to collapse of its own weight. This collapsing process allows it to access deeper deposits. This technique is now increasingly being used in the mining industry. It is also because of the fact that low-grade orebodies are discovered more, while the orebody grades are declining at a faster pace all over the world. It is known that block caving has been proved to be a cost-effective technique in the mining of low-grade, large mineral deposits.

Block mining will be largely used for its profitable reasons

The mining system was first used for the shallow bodies, but now, it is being used in the super caves. The operators will find it difficult to cave in the super caves because of the insufficient experience. It will be a challenge to apply this technique at this depth, and so block mining is being introduced.

Block mining has proved to be successful as an alternative for other mining systems and is also profitable. This method can be used for other new mines and can also be extended in the open-pits operations. This is the reason that block mining is referred to as an underground open-pit mining version.

Block caving will come with financial and technical challenges

Though the block caving comes with many benefits and advantages, at the same time it also comes with other disadvantages. For instance, the first hurdle that comes with it is the financial challenges. It is one of the biggest challenges but comes with an attractive offer. The capital investment will be high initially but is lower in the operating cost. This makes it attractive in the front-line of the mining industry.

The other challenges that come with it are the draw point blockage, progressive caving, orebody caveability reliable prediction, management of ore flow and cave propagation.

The companies are also alerted about the reasonable questions before opting for the block cavings are,

  • Will it accept the fragmentation?
  • Will the level of extraction be functionally stable?
  • How can the development rate increase?
  • How will the monitoring work in the cave propagation make sure potential air blasts and continuous caving?

Block caving has found a prime place in the mining industry

The low-grade orebodies are profitable only when they are huge and are mined at a much lower mining system cost rate. This makes the block caving interesting and profitable. With the help of emerging technologies, block caving is being proved to be profitable caving in the mining world.

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