Effects of coal mining on the environment

Aerial View Of Opencast Mining Quarry.

What is the severe issue in coal mining harmful to the environment?

Every year all the mining companies across the globe deeply mine the earth to provide one ton of coal to each person on this planet. With such a high number of fuel can be one of the prominent reasons behind the devastation of the earth, and hence it is essential to reduce its usage. Global mining of coal can also produce negative health impacts on humans. Despite the use of new technologies and global talking on the reduction of harmful effects of fuel still, the trend of mining coal will rise rapidly in the coming years.

7.73 billion tons of coal was mined in 2019, and the numbers are expected to rise in 2020. Fuel is also the largest source of producing electricity in the world. Every year 38% of power all across the world is created by using coal, which is later followed by natural 23% and terminated by natural forms of energy like solar and wind, which is 16.3% and water or hydroelectric power plants, which is 8%.

Some of the adverse effects of coal extraction for the environment

The surface extraction of mining is harmful to the environment but is increasing rapidly due to the high demand of coal in the global markets. Some of the significant damages to the environment through fuel include loss of biodiversity and habitat devastation. Other significant destruction also includes global warming, soil erosion, groundwater pollution, and increasing dust particulates.

The mining companies also use bombs to blast the top surface of the mountains to extract all the coal from underneath, and most of the open-pit mining is massive, and hence they are visible from outer space.

Coal mining expected to touch and surpass the record levels in 2020

Since 1800 the extraction and the burning of coal have occurred in large platforms due to extensive benefits or applications of using the fuel. The experts also expect coal mining to remain steady in the coming few years. The only good news for all the environmentalists is the rapid production of the coal is stopped, but it has ended by crossing all the record levels. People can shift to various means of green energy, but at first, all humans have to reduce the use of coal to a tiny portion.

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