About Us

Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth. All the products of extraction have a huge market making the mining business a minefield of fortune.The modern mining process have improved compared to the process of mining decades ago. The rules and regulations have become stringent to ensure unnecessary stripping of the Earth’s resources.

Mineral Corp has been in the business of mining for several years now. Mineral Corp have evolved their technologies to ensure the process of mining does not strip the land unnecessarily. They have been extremely careful and protective about saving the earth’s wealth for the future.They have also taken extreme care in ensuring the balance is restored in every way.

Mineral Corp Involves in two mining practices.
Strip Mining: Open Pit Mining where the soil and rock is removed to reach the minerals. Mineral Corp uses advance technology and heavy equipment’s to make strip mining a lot easier.
Coal Mining: In the recent years coal mining has developed in many ways and Mineral Corp uses high end technology to extract coal in an efficient way.

Mineral Corp have always been involved in best mining practices. It ensures to provide the best for Mother nature. They have planted trees to make sure that future generations are not affected due to the extraction.

This Site contains information that relates to Mineral Corp. It offers Mining related data in the form of blogs and write-ups. Experts of Mineral Corp would provide answers to all the relevant technical questions regarding Mineral Extraction posed by the users. The Site also contains all details and information about the upcoming events organized by Mineral Corp.