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Lucrative careers in Mining: A sneak peek into various engineering positions in Mining

The mining job is not all about donning hardhats and high boots and exploring the depth of mother earth to dig out precious elements. It is also about coordinating construction projects, hiring staff, and micro-managing several abstract operations that make up a mining process. Mining is an extremely time-consuming process that involves several jobs during and after the extraction, which requires specialized skills. Mining is quite similar to the data mining process in technology. The method also involves extraction and finding out patterns from a large data set that requires expertise in multiple technologies such as database systems, ML, and statistics. TechFetch jobs are a comprehensive tech job portal in the USA covering every tech job opening.

Coming back to the mining process, there are various jobs associated with Mining that need special mention. Click Here – To know more about how government investment in mining exploration will boost regions and create jobs.

This article attempts to shed light on few mining jobs as elaborately as possible. But before that, here is a brief go through of the mining industry and the various operations.

What are Mining and the various processes involved in the industry?

Mining is a vast industry that comprises several jobs ranging from skilled laborers to high-tech occupations. The entire operation is categorized into four stages that involve a broad range of professions.

Mineral extraction and concentration

The first stage involves exploring, Mining, quarrying, and milling that is usually carried out at the site. The industries involved in the first stage are coal production, metallic, and non-metallic industries.

Smelting and refining industries

The second stage usually involves smelting and refining ferrous or non-ferrous metals,
extracting aluminum from bauxite ores, and rolling out shapes from the aluminum.

Semi fabrication operations

The third stage involves fabricating the rolled-out metals to semi-fabricated finishes used as input in other industries.

Metal fabrication

The final stage involves the processing and manufacturing of semi-fabricated metals to a final product.

Throughout the four stages of Mining, the industry employs skilled employees exhibiting different expertise. Some of the top jobs involved in Mining are contract miner, diamond driller, Assay lab technician, electrician, geologist, health and safety management, mining engineer, heavy equipment mechanic, surveyor, virtual reality modeler, and many more. Here is an elaborate classification of various job opportunities associated with Mining.

Coal Mine Workers Discussing With Each Other While Pointing Out An Excavator In Mining Field.

Six top mining jobs


Engineering covers a broad aspect of Mining. The engineers are involved in designing mines and associated equipment, which largely work onsite and in offices depending upon the requirements. Their extensive engineering expertise in theory, principles, and calculations is tweaked to develop great solutions for their clients.


If engineering involves more of the designing aspects, construction jobs are hands-on occupations. The job requires the services of a project manager, coordinator, planner, and construction manager who instructs and are involved in:

  • Clearing the mining area
  • Breaking rocks
  • Constructing scaffoldings
  • Excavation or exploration jobs


One of the most important categories of the mining process is exploration or excavations. The category demands the services of geologists, technicians, hydrologists who decide the best place to embark on Mining. They also determine the various legal and scientific aspects connected to starting explorations in the intended area. Explorers move forward with excavations if and only if the conditions are environmentally and economically viable.

Heavy Mining Dump Truck Being Loaded With Iron Ore.Operation jobs

The job positions associated with this category are vice president, mine manager, general manager, and technical service manager. The category usually involves real work. These also include monitoring conditions in the mines, managing the onsite and offsite works, and also the maintenance of waste materials.

Metallurgic processes

Metallurgy is a vast and ancient process that involves processing the raw materials after the excavation and refining them into useful products. The job associated with metallurgy includes manager, vice president, superintendent, lab supervisors, technicians, and foreman.

Human resource

Like every industry, in the mining industry, too, the human resource is responsible for everything concerning the workforce. The HR workforce comprises a recruiter, manager, coordinator, vice president, and training coordinator.

Mining is considered a high-paying industry that earns more than its manufacturing, forestry, utilities, and construction counterparts. Employees can al assured of job security as mining jobs need specialized skills for the job.

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