Modern Mining Technology Trends

An Industrial Woman Worker Using Technology - Modern Mining Concept.

The trends that we are witnessing in modern mining technology show us the route to sustainability. Digital technology is doing its very best to present to us the modern, true, productive and safe mines that label the increased mined materials demand. It also exceeds customer expectations and global initiatives at the same time.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest mining technological innovations.

  • Spatial data visualization reduces the cost

Mining is witnessing a great change for all thanks to spatial data visualization. The data is becoming more clear and detailed than before.

The 3D model of the data creates a life-like impression and views with the detailed perception that helps the human to understand better and deeper.

VR is a software environment that is artificially created and uses real data. It helps the miners to experience what it is like to work in the mine or to plan a new mine without being physically present in the field.

AR – Augmented Reality is a visualization digitally in the real environment. It enhances the visual field of the user with the help of computer-generated inputs like video, sound, graphics, and applications. It has also helped to reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

  • Geographic Information Systems – GIS is a prime tool in the mining industry

It helps the miners to take a detailed look at the geographic relationship that influences the world surrounding us. With the aid of GIS, miners are now able to solve real-time issues where accessibility and location are critical.

  • Artificial Intelligence – AI is very fast in its working process

It uses machine learning and smart data to improve the efficiency of the operation, production workflow, and mine safety. It has evolved rapidly helping the miners learn more about the mining world.

  • Automated Drones are used for operational tasks

They are the best in today’s date. It helps in the surveillance and safety in hazardous places, time-lapse photography, asset management, site mapping and many more.

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