The complete guide to improving productivity in coal mines along with safety

Open Pit Mine - Extracting Minerals From The Earth.

The major challenges faced by the coal mining industries

All the people who have read or heard about the coal mining industries might have known about the hazardous risks of working in the coal mining industries. We all also know that Australia is one of the largest producers of coal on global standards. It would be best to refer to an Australian coal mining company to understand their work profile and find the right solution to their miseries. We met the industrial experts from Longwall mining who account for almost 90% of the country’s coal production through mining. Here are some of the best technological types of equipment which the company uses to ensure their employees are safe to the right standard.

The Australian mining companies stand 24 percent employment of their country while it shares 27 percent of the countries annual revenue. The coal mining company plays a vital role in the gross Australian product while, on the other hand, it is one of the most dangerous places for a human to work.

The mining companies are working hard to make sure that they cause zero harm to all their workers, but still, some technological innovation is in demand for the field.

All about the specialized robot guidance technology

Some of the major coal mining companies from all across the world are using remote guidance technology to extract coal from the earth’s crust. The remote guidance technology isolates the coal and the workers and hence makes sure all the works stay away from the harmful radiation of the raw coal.

More than 60% of Australian mining companies in the longwall use automation technology to make sure all their workers work in a safe environment. The only thing workers have to do is to control the remote in a three-dimensional position for correcting the position to extract the coal. The system can also be operated from any part of the world due to its strong connectivity to the network.

The results of using remote guidance technology

Most of the companies have proven stats records that the adoption of remote guidance technology has helped them to increase 5-10 percent of their annual production. The full benefit, when calculated, produces a massive profit of 785 Million dollars. Apart from sales and manufacturing, technology also makes sure that all the workers are safe.

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