Mining Community – Techniques To More Sustainable Future

The Techniques used in mining are divided into three stages. The life cycle begins with exploration, then it moves on to actual production and finally ends with closure of mine and usage of the land postmining. These three components – exploration, mining, and processing – overlap each other. When a mineral deposit is recognized after prospecting, one needs to invest both time and money before production can happen. Exploration doesn’t end at this juncture. While mining is being done, the land is explored further. The area around the deposits is drilled and developed. Processing also takes place side by side of mining.
The techniques presently used by the mining community are not very sustainable. Even though the actual mining happens in a tiny area, it is the related activities that cause the harm. The infrastructure that needs to build and the pollution mining produces drastically affects the ecosystem of the region. Since the health of the fauna and flora is harmed, the environment is not able to provide the services, products, and goods needed for the well-being of humans and their growth.
For instance, there are no plants and trees to purify the air. Increased level of pollution means there is no readily available potable water. Even the decomposition of waste material is impinged on. The entire system is compromised. Since a healthy environment is crucial for the development of the next generation, mining is not a sustainable activity.
The good news is that practices can be integrated that will reduce the adverse effect mining has on the environment. To make mining operations more sustainable one can:
• Decrease usage of water
• Reduce the energy consumed
• Better waste production
• Disturb the land as minimally as possible
• Decrease pollution of all kinds – soli, water or air
• Conduct enhanced mine closures
• Create improved reclamation activities
More and more, mining operations are becoming cognizant of the way they conduct the business. They are working to reduce the harmful impact they have on the surrounding area. Further, they are ensuring that upon closure the area is left in a state that can be utilized by people or reclaimed by nature in an easy manner. Individuals and companies are becoming aware that mining is a temporary activity. It has a set date of expiration beyond which they cannot use the land.
To guarantee that the land has some value left after mining is complete strategies and techniques need to be implemented. Even taking into factor one of the sustainable practices listed above can create a massive impact on the land. By re-engineering waste, they can manage contamination. By turning waste into raw material, they can reduce the amount they have to throw away.
A single step can go a long way. It is the little things that count the most in the long run. When you save the land from completely be ravaged by mining today, you save a space where humans can thrive in the future. We have access to just one planet and limited land. We must take care of it to the most of our abilities

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